Why Non-Bank Lenders Can’t be Cowboys


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Manser: “With this fund, we are creating more access to capital for small businesses.”

IRVINE, CA—Despite the lack of federal oversight, independent lenders still need to perform for their investors in order to be successful, Business Loan Capital’s business EVP and director of commercial lending David Manser tells GlobeSt.com. As we reported earlier this month, the firm has created an innovative multi-million-dollar fund structured exclusively for the pursuit of directlyfinancing owner-occupied commercial properties. The new fund is focused on the $500,000-to-$7-million loan sector. We spoke exclusively with Manser about the reason for the loan range and capital-markets trends he is noticing.

GlobeSt.com: Why is your firm’s new fund focusing on loans in the $500,000-to-$7-million sector?

Manser: We have lots of bank experience in the SBA area, and it’s all owner-occupied financing. With a lot of the problems that happened in commercial financing during the last downturn, referral sources would find deals and present themselves as lenders, but they’re really brokers selling on the secondary market and moving on—there’s no skin in the game. That’s a very active market today, where you can sell loans for a premium on the secondary market, but that’s not what we’re doing in the owner-occupied market we’re servicing…

Why Non-Bank Lenders Can’t be Cowboys

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