When Your $10.4 Million Mansion Comes With an Iconic Lighthouse

The Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse, a 131-year-old Connecticut classic, sold this week.
The Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse is a Connecticut icon. Built in 1886, it sits at the mouth of the Connecticut River, in the exclusive Fenwick section of Old Saybrook. Since 1993, its “sparkplug” design has adorned the state’s “Preserve the Sound” license plates.
But for the first 131 years of its existence, the cast-iron and brick Breakwater Light has had a reputation for hardship. Life was “cold, damp, and uncomfortable at the station for the keepers,” according to a local enthusiast site. “Going to shore for supplies in the 12-foot rowboat required a hazardous journey fighting the Connecticut River’s strong currents. A walk to shore along the half-mile-long breakwater was dangerous as well, and even impossible after ice built up on it in the winter.”…
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