What’s Happening Inside US Office Space


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“Every industry is experiencing further adaption and occupational knowledge that continues to evolve the workplace,” says Martin.

PASADENA, CA—Just as the recession was a record-breaker (e.g.: the biggest since the 1930s), no one can dispute that the recovery that followed was—is—also appropriately among the oddest on record. Nevermind the joblessness of the early years of the uptick or the length of time it took us to even realize a recovery was at hand.

It seemed as if overnight (though certainly it wasn’t), we as an industry ceded the dominance in office direction to a new generation of worker—the millennials. In short, Baby Boomers are retiring to the comfort of their back porches as a new crop of workers enters, a crop of workers described in a previous story as “fundamentally different from previous generations.” (Click here for the full story.)…

What’s Happening Inside US Office Space

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