What’s Driving Chinese Investors to Miami?


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“When their economies are strong, they are focused on making money in their countries.”

MIAMI—Chinese investors have traditionally been attracted to US cities like New York and Los Angeles for investment. But that’s changing, or at least becoming more inclusive.

Indeed, Miami has become increasingly attractive to Chinese investors. Here’s the big question: What are some of the factors driving this trend and how does the country’s faltering stock market will impact this activity? asked Alan Lips, a partner at Gerson Preston Robinson, for some thoughts on the topic.

“Chinese investors who are buying US real estate are doing it with a very long-term view with the goal of creating stability and a safe haven to put their money to work,” Lips tells “While the Chinese have typically gravitated towards cities like Los Angeles and New York, they are beginning to see Miami as a better value.”…

What’s Driving Chinese Investors to Miami?

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