What’s Ahead for Healthcare Development?


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Carolan: Facilities should address design, construction and use.

PHOENIX—As healthcare reform continues to be a major focus, there are many challenges on the horizon. Some see steady growth ahead in the medical office field, recognizing that we are just at the beginning of the aging of the baby boomers. Both private equity firms and more institutional players are seeing the need for more suburban medical office development and even large-scale medical campuses as the health care industry consolidates, according to ULI Emerging Trends 2016.

The provision of insurance to millions of additional Americans under the Affordable Care Act actually appears to be accelerating healthcare consolidation, for reasons of economies of scale, while simultaneously creating small-space demand for medical offices specializing in urgent care. Such trends create options for real estate development and investment, for those nimble enough to take advantage. There are gaps to be found—not only in pricing, but also in the matching of supply to demand…

What’s Ahead for Healthcare Development?

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