What Story Does Big Data Tell Real Estate?


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Barber: “If the story can be discovered, people will be armed with lessons and insights that promote better decisions.”

IRVINE, CA—“Applying the science of big data to the pursuit of an improved life for ourselves and our neighbors” is how RealtyTrac’s new CEO Rob Barber describes the way his firm uses this information. We sat down with therecently appointed executive to have an exclusive discussion about his goals and what “big data” really means for the real estate industry. What are your goals in your new role at RealtyTrac?

Barber: My goals for RealtyTrac are quite simple. The company is moving forward right now with lots of momentum and strong growth, so goal number-one is to protect and accelerate all of the good things already happening within the business. The acceleration part will be driven by listening to our customers, understanding their needs and innovating new products that address their needs. RealtyTrac is unique in that we have a broad spectrum of customers across our consumer and data-solutions divisions, so I doubt there will be any shortage of ideas. The trick will be prioritizing our possibilities correctly and getting new innovations into the hands of our customers quickly…

What Story Does Big Data Tell Real Estate?

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