Welcome To Brickell, Miami’s “Wall Street South”


Miami, FL

By now, it is common knowledge which cities are the U.S. banking capitals. Because of Wall Street, New York City remains #1, and the Bank of America headquarters has made Charlotte #2. But fly further south to Miami, and you’ll witness the emergence of another international banking center, in a neighborhood called Brickell.

This is a rapidly-growing area just south of downtown that is central to the city’s banking culture—and, increasingly, its culture at large. As recently as the 1970s, Brickell was a low-slung neighborhood with stately mansions and a handful of small banks. It remained moderately-built throughout the 1980s and 1990s, but in the last 15 years has exploded, thanks to incoming capital from Latin America and elsewhere. Since 2000, its population more than doubled to 28,000, and it is home to 53 banks. The finance, insurance and real estate industry account for 17% of jobs within the zip code. Typical firms here are ones like Pan American Finance, an advisory group that focuses on Central America and the Caribbean, or the French firm Credit Agricole…

Welcome To Brickell, Miami’s “Wall Street South”

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