Vikram Pandit Just Wanted To Say Goodbye


Since his unceremonious departure from Citigroup five-and-a-half years ago, Vikram Pandit has had a lot of free time on his hands. And he has filled it! “I can choose how I spend my time, but I still tend to spend it all,” Uncle Vik assures in a “where-are-they-now”-style profile in Financial News. He’s toyed around with a return to the hedge-fund world and getting into private equity, taken a flier on financial services in his native land, advised on how not to hire people like himself and how not to drive a company’s reputation into the ditchfrom experience, invented an acronymthat’s gone nowhere, and regretted ever taking that awful job at Citi in the first place. But all of that—well, except for the weird social-media-related acronym—is the past, and the future is plastics. No, wait, it’s fintech. Sorry…

Vikram Pandit Just Wanted To Say Goodbye

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