Urgent, Essential Steps in CRE Information Security


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As a business owner you must protect 100% of your assets while attackers only need to find one vulnerability to compromise all that you’ve worked for, says Kilpatrick.
At a Chief Executives Information security event recently, experts from the FBI and the secret service walked us through how criminals sell stolen credit card numbers in the “darknet” – sometimes referred to as the “invisible web” because it is not indexed by search engines like Google and often inaccessible to most internet users. This large, muscular detective impersonating an online attacker clicked through a slick interface, with widgets, cart, and discounts for bulk purchases. “Success! Purchased 100 stolen credit card numbers.” That is according to a firsthand account from James Kilpatrick isPresident of NAI Northern California. Kilpatrick tells that it reminded him of Edward Snowden or Silk Road’s infamous Ross Ulbricht. “Darknets are hidden networks on the internet used by ‘carders’ who deal in stolen credit cards and other black market transactions like zero-day exploits.”…
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