Unique Issues Impact Hotel Performance


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Reay: “Hotels are extremely management intensive, and unless you have the right team in place, it can be challenging.”

IRVINE, CA—Hotel owners have to deal with a myriad of issues that most commercial real estate investors don’t face, such as union labor, minimum-wage issues, ADAregulations and a host of others, Atlas Hospitality Grouppresident Alan Reay tells After the release of the firm’s mid-year California hotel-sales survey, we spoke exclusively with Reay about what it takes to be successful in the hotel sector. What qualities do the most successful hotel investors have?

Reay: First and foremost, it is management skills or having an association with a skilled hotel-management company. Second, it is knowing your product and market so you have the ability toMOVE quickly when the right hotel becomes available for sale. Last but not least is capital and the ability to move on a purchase with very short contingencies, which can put you ahead of the other buyers trying to acquire…

Unique Issues Impact Hotel Performance

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