TOD Gets High-Touch Treatment in San Francisco

San Francisco’s Transbay Terminal is getting a facelift, thanks to its new promotional partner, Pearl Media. The state-of-the-art transit hub, to be renamed Transbay Transit Center, will feature 274 digital screens, along with shopping, dining and a rooftop park.
Ad agency Pearl Media is elevating the standard for mass transit, with the development of a platform that will help brands and advertisers reach riders and consumers in downtown San Francisco at the new Transbay Transit Center (previously called Transbay Terminal), or TTC. Set to open in spring 2018, the TTC will eventually link 11 transportation systems and encompass more than one million square feet. The state-of-the-art the site will feature retail and dining, among a host of light-filled public spaces, including a 5.4-acre outdoor rooftop park with a garden, trails, play areas for children and an open-air concert amphitheater…
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