Thomas Dooley Is Viacom’s Best Bet for a Breakup


Viacom has one good reason to keep its interim chief executive, Thomas Dooley: a breakup of the media company.

Mr. Dooley, the company’s former chief operating officer, who has close ties to his predecessor, Philippe Dauman, makes an odd choice if the $17 billion company plans to do anything else. A veteran who has been at Viacom on and off since 1980, though, Mr. Dooley may be well suited to finding the best value for Viacom’s various assets.

Mr. Dooley emerged from Viacom’s most recent boardroom drama as Mr. Dauman’s replacement through Sept. 30, when Viacom’s fiscal year ends. Beyond that, he needs to convince five new board members of his usefulness atop a group that controls the cable networks Nickelodeon and MTV and a Hollywood studio, Paramount Pictures…

Thomas Dooley Is Viacom’s Best Bet for a Breakup

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