This 40-Room Hotel Is Now a $6.2 Million Mansion


Once a concrete ruin, a relic from Arizona’s gold rush was converted into a posh private home. Now it’s on sale for the first time.

By 1919, when James “Rawhide Jimmy” Douglas built a hotel directly outside the entrance to his copper mine in Arizona, he was already rich.

Shares in his company, United Verde Extension Co., had gone from 15¢ a share in 1912 to $35 a share by 1916 (more than $800 in today’s dollars), and Douglas, the scion of a wealthy mining family, was feeling so flush that he decided to build his miners a dorm-cum-hotel at the entrance of the Little Daisy Mine in Jerome, Ariz…

This 40-Room Hotel Is Now a $6.2 Million Mansion

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