The Top Performing Hedge Funds of 2015


2015 was a volatile year for hedge funds. Still, there were some bright spots.

Hedge funds attracted a net $44 billion in assets globally last year, the smallest amount since 2012, according to data compiled by Hedge Fund Research Inc. That reflects a volatile year, when unanticipated economic events rattled markets and led to declines and losses for many funds. Others were hurt by crowded and sometimes concentrated trades and poorly timed bets on energy as oil prices continued to fall.

Still, there were bright spots: many long-term holdings paid off and some managers made well-timed buys, while others combed through small-caps or illiquid securities to find opportunities for arbitrage. Even some funds that didn’t perform particularly well were diversified or hedged enough to protect their investors from the worst of the “downside,” in a year that had plenty of it…

The Top Performing Hedge Funds of 2015

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