The Story of Fan Pier, a Catalyst for Boston’s Waterfront


In the last decade, Boston’s Seaport District transformed into a modern neighborhood, with glass towers and futuristic cultural and event venues. The new developments, some delivered at the height of the real estate crash, are the result of a collaboration between local and state authorities, private investors and developers, residents and cultural organizations. Joseph Fallon, president of The Fallon Co., revealed the story behind Fan Pier, the project standing at the core of Boston’s southern waterfront.

More than 12 years ago, Boston’s southern waterfront was more or less limited to abandoned parking lots with great views of the city’s Financial District. Gradually, the area was reshaped by Fan Pier’s six new glass towers (commercial and residential buildings), the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, residential project Park Lane Seaport and two hotels. The district’s transformation started with The Central Artery/Tunnel Project known as The Big Dig, the transportation project that increased highway and public transit access, and connectivity to the rest of the city…

The Story of Fan Pier, a Catalyst for Boston’s Waterfront


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