The Latest on Terrorism and Building Security


Core: “There’s an increased focus on what we do as managers in qualifying vendors and employees.”

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—“We need to continue to communicate amongst ourselves in the industry and with our client/tenant base” as buildingsecurity concerns have grown over the last several years, RiverRock Real Estate Group’s president Steve Core tells The question of armed-security services has been raised as owners seek to be more proactive against these attacks and tenants’ concerns grow.

A recently released statement from Core reads, “Wednesday’s tragic shooting in Southern California is something we’re all still struggling to absorb. We’ve received an influx of questions regarding the usage of armed security personnel. Although this decision needs to be evaluated based on the specific needs of the asset, there are some universal concerns that should be taken into account when considering contracting for armed-security services…

The Latest on Terrorism and Building Security

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