‘Stupidly’ Expensive London Frustrates Would-Be Buyers

  • Median home price climbed to almost 420,000 pounds in October
  • Properties out of reach for many first-time purchasers

Sue Roy, a 37-year-old accountant from the London suburb of Upminster, moved back in with her parents to save for a down payment after finding herself unable to afford a home in the U.K. capital.

“It’s stupidly expensive and unbelievable that even professionals like me are getting priced out of the market,” said Roy, who had been renting an apartment for 1,200 pounds ($1,800) a month. “I wanted to stay in King’s Cross because it’s just down the road from work, but I couldn’t afford to buy.”…

‘Stupidly’ Expensive London Frustrates Would-Be Buyers

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