Single-Family Rental Development Expands


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Wolf: “There is a real opportunity to meet demand for newly constructed homes and drive upside through operational efficiencies achievable with the management of contiguous product situated together as one whole community.”
NEWPORT BEACH, CA—Opportunity for developing single-family rental housing, which has increased in popularity since the end of the downturn, exists in many Sunbelt markets, AHV Communities’ CEO Mark Wolf tells GlobeSt.com. The firm recently announced its commitment to deploy $100 million in the development of single-family home-rental communities in major markets across the Sunbelt states during 2016. These will be luxury single-family home communities owned, managed, maintained and operated like luxury class-A multifamily properties. AHV says it is concentrating on the Sunbelt states because demand for detached-home rental living is strong and supply is limited. We spoke exclusively with Wolf about this type of housing and why demand for it is growing…
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