Robotic Condos: Wave of the Future?


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When residents drive into the building, their vehicle will be scanned and identified.

MIAMI—For all the wild amenities in Miami condos these days, this one deserves a place on the list. Currently under construction, the 60-story Porsche Design Tower Miami in Sunny Isles Beach, FL will feature a first-of-its-kind elevator lift system when it opens next year.

It’s called the Dezervator. It’s the brainchild of the Tower’s developer, Gil Dezer.

What makes the Dezervator so unique? For starters, it will transport residents, while still inside their vehicles, directly to their residence in a glass-enclosed elevator.

But that’s just the beginning of this innovative elevator’s show. The Dezervator will then slide the owner and vehicle into the owner’s “sky garage” right next to their unit. The idea is blend convenience with privacy in a tech-driven world…

Robotic Condos: Wave of the Future?

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