Report Shows Healthy US Housing Market


Nationwide’s headquarters in Columbus, OH

COLUMBUS—The US housing market is generally quite healthy and has little chance of a downturn in the near future, according to a study just published by Nationwide, an insurance and financial services organization. Each quarter the Columbus-based firm evaluates the housing market for the entire US and about 400 separate metro areas.

However, its researchers do not just chart the rise of housing prices and the increase in the number of sales. Instead, they want to show which markets will likely enjoy overall health and which are in danger of either weakening or overheating.

“Sometimes strong housing prices are good, but other times this can go too far and impact affordability,” Ben Ayers, senior economist with Nationwide, tells “We call this the Goldilocks index because we’re measuring whether it’s too hot or too cold and the likelihood of sustainable growth for the entire housing market.”…

Report Shows Healthy US Housing Market

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