Recruiting U.S. Banks Against FIFA Bribery


One popular reaction to the U.S. case against FIFA is: Why should the U.S. justice system prosecute Brazilian companies for bribing Venezuelans in Argentina? Isn’t that sort of imperialistic? John Hempton is rattled, Noah Feldman is skeptical, Vladimir Putin is angry, Elie Mystal is pleased, the Men in Blazers are thrilled, andAmanda Taub points out that there are more U.S. connections than you might expect. On Twitter John Carney asked how busting FIFA corruption helps American citizens, and my flip but I think accurate answer was that the fines in this case will save American citizens tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes by taking money from corrupt foreigners and giving it to our Treasury. Any economist will tell you that the optimal tax is one on foreigners living abroad, and a tax on unpleasant foreigners living abroad is even better…

Recruiting U.S. Banks Against FIFA Bribery

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