Real Estate Investors Can Find Hidden Gold in the SEC’s Comments


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SEC occupies all of Station Place, a three-building complex at Union Station.

WASHINGTON, DC—REITs are heading into 2016 a little more uncertain than usual about what shape their industry will take for the year. On one hand, Congress has limited the situations in which companies can spin off their real estate into REITs with the passage of the budget bill.

On the other, in that same measure it loosened FIRPTA’s restrictions, giving foreign investors more incentive to invest in REITs. Or take them private.

On one hand, interest rates are rising and REITs tend not to perform in such an environment because financing is more expensive and investors have a wider array of options competition from which to choose. On the other hand, in August of 2016 REITs are expected to receive huge boost from real estate’s new classification as a standalone sector within the Global Industry Classification Standard universe. ..

Real Estate Investors Can Find Hidden Gold in the SEC’s Comments

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