Radioactive and Short on Cash to Pay for Closures


Three Mile IslandThe Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant is seen in the early morning hours in Middletown, Pennsylvania on March 28, 2011. Photographer: Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

At the edge of Humboldt Bay in northern California lies a relic from the heyday of U.S. nuclear power.

The reactor was shut down in 1976. The remaining cost to decommission the plant once and for all -– cleaning up lingering radiological dangers, dismantling the remains — will be about $441 million, according to its owner, PG&E Corp.

The question is who will pay — for Humboldt Bay, and for dozens of other reactors that are in the process of closing or might soon. Nuclear operators like PG&E are supposed to lay up enough money to cover the costs, similar to how corporations fund pensions. Turns out, most haven’t…

Radioactive and Short on Cash to Pay for Closures

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