Proof Wall Street Is Still a Boys’ Club


Financial advisory firms are far more lenient with men who break the rules, a new study says.

The Fearless Girl statue stands facing the Charging Bull sculpture in the Financial District of New York.

Photographer: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg

Last week a statue of a young girl was temporarily installed in New York’s Financial District to mark International Women’s Day. Called The Fearless Girl and sponsored by State Street Corp., she was depicted bravely facing off against the bronze bull that’s become a symbol of Wall Street.

A new study finds that, when it comes to truly celebrating women, Wall Street still has a long way to go. The results show that investment firms treat male employees very differently from female employees after they get in trouble. While women are far less likely to engage in misconduct, they’re punished much more harshly for any infractions…

Proof Wall Street Is Still a Boys’ Club

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