Paul Tudor Jones Has Been Reading Marx Again


Paul Tudor Jones has made quite clear that, when the revolution comes, he’d rather avoid a one-way trip to the wall. This may be difficult if the new People’s Commissars read some of what he’s said about the fairer sex and Harvey Weinstein, or see him driving his Maybach, or get their hands on a copy of Trader—although he’s doing everything he can to make sure the latter does not happen. But more than some of his peers, PTJ is at least making an effort to seem like a Woke potential billionaire fellow-traveler. He does yoga. He liked Hamilton. He voted for Hillary. He’s super-philanthropic and, unlike his Greenwich neighbors, all of whom are ticketed for the Gulag, he not only doesn’t mind the unwashed masses invading his waterfront gated community: He invites them in! And three years ago, he acknowledged that capitalism might have a flaw or two. The election of a caricature of a modern-day robber baron as president has not changed his mind on that front…

Paul Tudor Jones Has Been Reading Marx Again

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