Nothing Brings Banks Together Like A Good Hack


Financial institutions are not inclined to share secrets. That’s changing as savvy tech adversaries threaten to breach digital walls.

Troels Oerting has a problem. As?the group chief security officer for Barclays, he has a squad of elite ex-government agents patrolling the company’s digital perimeter. He also has a hefty budget to acquire state-of-the-art technology to protect Britain’s second-biggest bank from cyber?attacks.

But Oerting, with no small dose of grudging admiration, says his adversaries excel at something that can’t be addressed with deep pockets or killer software: They’re superb networkers. “The organized crime groups in cyber are sharing much better than we are at the moment,” says Oerting, a Dane with a square jaw and the watchful eyes of a cop who’s investigated the underworld for 35?years. “They?are sharing methodologies, knowledge, tools, practices—what works and what doesn’t.”…

Nothing Brings Banks Together Like A Good Hack

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