NKF Reports Emerging Trends in Workplace Strategy

Approaches to maximizing the effectiveness of office space have been influenced by the need to plan for variety and flexibility, to appeal to a multi-generational workforce.

Economic changes have influenced workspace strategies, from the remote-working trend of the mid-’90s and up to the Great Recession, to the following trend toward the densification of office space. The goal of current workplace strategy is to align a company’s work environment with the flexible needs of a multi-generational workforce, according to a new report from Newmark Knight Frank. The report was written by Tamar Moy, senior managing director of workplace strategy, Stephanie Jennings, managing director of research, and Jonathan Mazur, senior managing director of research.

This evolution is in parallel with the widening popularity of the workplace strategy practice itself. Whereas in the early era of workplace strategy, the focus was narrowly on space requirements, a modern approach encompasses five key components:

NKF Reports Emerging Trends in Workplace Strategy


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