Nation’s Greenest Office Markets: CBRE Report

The study found that institutional owners continue to seek green building certifications across the 30 largest metros of the U.S. Of all the properties surveyed, 10.3 percent have Energy Star labels while 4.7 percent are LEED certified.

Energy benchmarking ordinances are increasing in the United States and appear to be having an impact on the office market. Nine of the cities that placed in the top 10 of the fourth annual Green Building Adoption Index have implemented the new rules and the number of green certifications have risen.

The percentage of commercial office space in the top 30 U.S. markets that has been certified as “green” or “efficient” is now 38 percent, up from less than five percent in 2005, according to the study done by CBRE and Maastricht University in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council…

Nation’s Greenest Office Markets: CBRE Report


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