Morning Agenda: New Limits on Bankers’ Pay


NEW LIMITS ON BANKERS’ PAY | It has taken several years, the Dodd-Frank overhaul and bouts of outrage over Wall Street pay, but regulators have released new rules intended to restrict executive pay at big financial institutions,
Nathaniel Popper reports in DealBook.

The new limits would make the highest-paid employees at the biggest banks wait at least four years to receive parts of their annual pay and, if the proposals are completed, banks would also have to reclaim bonuses from bankers who take risks that lead to big financial losses.

Pay packages have been blamed for encouraging bankers to seek short-term gains and to take unnecessary risks. The new rules are an attempt to make top employees accountable for the longer-term consequences of their risk-taking…

Morning Agenda: New Limits on Bankers’ Pay

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