Moody’s Reaches $864 Million Subprime Ratings Settlement

  • Agreement is victory for U.S. in probes of ratings industry
  • Pact helps resolve a long-standing overhang for Moody’s

Moody’s Corp. agreed to pay almost $864 million to resolve a multiyear U.S. investigation into credit ratings on subprime mortgage securities, helping to clear the way for the firm to move beyond its crisis-era litigation.

Moody’s reached the agreement with the U.S. Justice Department and 21 states, which accused the company of inflating ratings on mortgage securities that were at the center of the 2008 financial crisis, the Justice Department said Friday in a statement. That penalty is about a third of the $2.5 billion that Moody’s earned in the four years leading up to the crisis. Standard and Poor’s, after fighting the U.S. in court for two years, settled similar claims with the U.S. for $1.5 billion last year…

Moody’s Reaches $864 Million Subprime Ratings Settlement

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