Microsoft’s New SV Campus Aims for Maximum Green

The major facility now under construction could be the first tech campus to achieve net zero, non-potable water use. Moreover, the buildings will be designed to meet LEED Platinum certification and will feature solar panels, a “living” roof and more.

Microsoft’s new Silicon Valley Campus, a 643,000-square-foot “modernization” of the tech giant’s 32-acre location in Mountain View, Calif., will be the company’s “smartest, greenest office yet,” according to a blog post earlier this week by Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott.

As wildfires rage, yet again, across Southern California, and as damage claims from the October wildfires in Northern California top $9 billion, it’s timely that one of the campus’s top design priorities is something the state never seems to have enough of—water. The biggest part of that will be achieving net zero non-potable water certification under the Living Building Challenge. If Microsoft can pull that off, it reportedly will be the first tech company to achieve this certification…

Microsoft’s New SV Campus Aims for Maximum Green

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