LR Health & Beauty Selects Germany for Production Plant

The company is adding a cutting-edge manufacturing facility to its home base in Ahlen to accommodate the development of aloe vera products.

LR Health & Beauty is in growth mode, and the company’s headquarters in Ahlen, Germany, is showing the signs. The producer and marketer of health and beauty products is in the midst of increasing the size of its home, sited 85 miles northwest of Düsseldorf, with the development of a 103,300-square-foot aloe vera production plant.

Give the people what they want. “We have made Aloe Vera popular in Germany and boast the most extensive know-how in this area. To meet the increasing demand by our sales partners, we are expanding our production capacities in Ahlen,” Dr. Thomas Stoffmehl, CEO of LR Health & Beauty, said in a prepared statement. In addition to state-of-the-art manufacturing space, the 36-foot-high industrial property, which will be docked to LR’s existing logistics center, will feature a 131-foot skywalk allowing visitors the opportunity to view production in action. The project will also yield a new office and communication space totaling roughly 10,800 square feet…

LR Health & Beauty Selects Germany for Production Plant

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