Ken Griffin Tries On, Returns Chicago Apartment


Really just a simple guy.Really just a simple guy.

Having shed the old ball-and-chain, Citadel founder Ken Griffin found himself in need of a new bachelor bad in his hometown. You know, a place for him to get away from the kids over at the Park Tower, one cozy enough for him to spend some time with his Xbox but also impress the occasional lady and potential next Mrs. G. Somewhere a Monet wouldn’t look out of place. Where Ken could be Ken, when he wasn’t being Ken at his$200 million aerie on Central Park South or his $145 million Florida getaway.

Now Ken knew he wanted the Waldorf. I mean, it’s just a few blocks away from the Park Tower, so he can race over every time you-know-who is off disparaging his parenting to a family-court judge. And it’s the Waldorf. I mean, honestly. The only problem was, Ken couldn’t decide which fit him best: the $16 million full-floor unit on the 46th floor? Or the $13 million full-floor unit on the 37th floor? Well, he’s taken both for a year-and-a-half long spin, and guess what? He’s going to slum it at the lower altitude, and return the fancier place

Ken Griffin Tries On, Returns Chicago Apartment

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