It’s Optimism by a Nose in Latest RCLCO Survey

An end-of-year survey finds that expectations remain positive, despite the state of the market cycle, as tax changes continue to loom.

Set aside the Mueller investigation, #MeToo and pretty much whatever else grabbed headlines last year. Despite all the political, media and social turmoil in 2017, part one of the year-end Sentiment Survey from RCLCO indicates that, in the eyes of numerous senior executives, the CRE outlook is a stable and surprisingly positive one.

Overall, it seems to be a case of “Not just more optimism, but also less pessimism.” For example, though the general expectation is of moderately declining market conditions through this year, nearly half of respondents (45 percent) believe that the next downturn won’t start till 2020 or later. In fact, the report, by RCLCO Managing Director Len Bogorad and Associate John Rendleman, notes that “respondents continue to push the anticipated downturn farther into the future.”…

It’s Optimism by a Nose in Latest RCLCO Survey

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