Investors Are Anticipating a Messy Debt-Ceiling Debate

  • Rate on Oct. 12 bills up by 10bps in two days as value drops
  • Move is due to a combination of debt ceiling, budget fears

For investors already anxious about the debt ceiling, recent comments from President Trump are doing little to allay their concerns.

The rate on Treasury bills maturing Oct. 12 jumped by as much as 5 basis points Thursday, the largest intraday move since March, after Trump blamed Congress’s inability to increase America’s borrowing authority on the Republican leaders in a series of tweets. The bills, which mature around the time when Treasury is estimated to run out of money unless lawmakers extend or suspend the statutory limit on the nation’s borrowing, are currently trading at 1.17 percent…

Investors Are Anticipating a Messy Debt-Ceiling Debate

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