If You Voted for Trump, It’s Time to Buy a House

Republicans were pessimistic about the housing market when he trailed in the polls. No more.

In the housing market, perception often creates its own reality. Investors will bid up values in anticipation of a rezoning effort that allows for new development. Lenders tighten credit standards in anticipation of new regulations. And voters—at least according to one new survey—get bullish when their candidate wins.

During the last week of October, when Hillary Clinton was ahead in the polls, Trulia commissioned surveys of 2,000 Americans. Respondents who identified themselves as Republicans said that 2017 would be worse than 2016 for selling a home, buying a home, getting a mortgage, or finding rental housing. Democrats thought that 2017 would be better in each of those categories. After Donald Trump’s surprise electoral college win, outlooks for Republican and Democratic respondents flipped—in every category…

If You Voted for Trump, It’s Time to Buy a House

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