How Will Rising Rates Really Affect the Market?


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Chris Macke: “The path of Fed policy after the first rate hike is far more important than the timing of the first rate hike.”

LOS ANGELES—The Fed’s recent decision not to raise interest rates was a relief for many in the market, while others thought that a raise in rates was necessary. However, according to Chris Macke, managing director of research and strategy at American Realty Advisors, if and when the Fed does raise rates, it will have a nominal impact on the real estate market. To find out more about how the Fed’s decision will affect the market, we sat down with Macke for an exclusive interview. Here, he explains why the first rate hike isn’t nearly as important as the events that follow.

GlobeSt.com: Generally, what is your opinion about the Fed’s decision not to raise interest rates?

Chris Macke: The first Fed rate hike is like the first step in the presidential primary process, the Iowa caucus, it is entertaining and garners a lot of attention but is of lesser importance than the final outcome – where short-term rates stabilize trumps when the first rate hike occurs…

How Will Rising Rates Really Affect the Market?

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