How to Cash In On Bulk REO Packages


By: Kenny Rushing

Buying and selling bulk REO’s is among the hottest real estate niches in the country right now. But this business is only a few years old, so the fact is not many people know how this business works yet.

Lucky for you, I have been one of the few investors in the country who has actually closed bulk REO deals and play in this market everyday. I like doing $1 deals with Bulk REO’s just as much as I do when buying and selling single REO homes.

However, I like doing bulk REO deals more because the profit potentials are much bigger.

In addition, the bulk REO business is far less competitive than buying single REO homes from REO agents. Most investors don’t understand how to make money with Bulk REO’s, or they think buying bulk REO packages are too risky…

How to Cash In On Bulk REO Packages

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