Has Wall Street Been Tamed?


Fines, job cuts and anger have taken a toll. Traders and brokers are struggling to adapt to stark new realities.

1469218738_bn_tamewallstreet-1Chris Hentemann has two pieces of art on the walls of his corner office in midtown Manhattan. One is an oversize photograph of the cockpit of his twin-engine Beechcraft Baron. The other is an Andy Warhol print of Muhammad Ali with his fists cocked.

For Hentemann, a rail-thin money manager who has spent 25 years in finance, the two pictures capture the duality of Wall Street. It’s an industry where you need to manage risk with precision and discipline, but it’s also one driven by audacity, ego and the killer instinct. Or at least it used to be…

Has Wall Street Been Tamed?

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