Government Persecuting Florida Hedge Fund Fraudster Again


A few years ago, a young man from northeastern Pennsylvania had some ideas, specifically money-making ideas. And so at the tender age of 24, he moved to the world’s financial hub—Tampa, Fla.—to launch a little hedge fund called TASK Capital Partners, which he then marketed to the financially savvy residents of that state and of neighboring Alabama. To get their attention, Anthony J. Klatch II may have fudged a few things in the prospectus, although he did not do so with any criminal intent. Nor, presumably, did he lose 60% of investor money with any criminal intent, nor did $180,000 of their money wind up in his bank account with criminal intent. Alas, the Stormtroopers over at the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Alabama weren’t interested in Klatch’s totally innocent motives for defrauding investors of $2.3 million, insisting he plead guilty to a variety of things and then cruelly sending him to jail, where he witnessed the casual violation of human rights on a daily basis, which he then committed to paper in a self-published novel not-so-loosely based upon his own travails

Government Persecuting Florida Hedge Fund Fraudster Again

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