Freddie Mac Expects $45B in MF Loans for 2015


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McLEAN, VA—The year isn’t over yet but Freddie Mac is feeling pretty good about its multifamily numbers. When it’s all tallied up, the GSE expects it will have financed more than $45 billion in loans for the year, EVP David Brickman tells

Of that, about $2 billion will be for small balance loans — a product that it began securitizing in August of 2015. and that quickly found a following among borrowers and partners. 

More than $1 billion of that $45 billion will be in manufactured housing community loans, another new offering.

The $45 billion tops, significantly, the $28 billion in multifamily loans financed the previous year. But the number is interesting for another reason: technically, the GSEs had a $30 billion cap for 2015…

Freddie Mac Expects $45B in MF Loans for 2015

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