duETS Product Invites New Players to Real Estate Field

Global Index Group CEO Kelly Haughton discusses the launch of duETS, a synthetic investment product that provides investors with a new way to participate in the private real estate market.
As the question of where we are in the real estate cycle looms, industry participants who are either bullish or nervous about the state of the market now have a way to place their bets. Index veteran Kelly Haughton, who created the Russell index family while at Russell Investments and is now the CEO of financial services firm Global Index Group, realized the largest asset class out there did not have a successful index tool, leading him to launch the Down/Up Equity Trust Securities (duETS) synthetic investment product in March. Tied to the performance of the NCREIF Index, duETS allows investors to short or long the private real estate market, without investing in actual properties. CBRE Capital Advisors will sell the product. In an interview with Commercial Property Executive, Haughton discusses the unique benefits of the duETS product and why he believes it will bring new investors to the real estate industry…
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