Don’t Count the Regional Mall Out: Transwestern

A new report aims to debunk the supposed demise of the regional mall, and sheds light on strategies for both reinventing retail assets and boosting traditional brick-and-mortar.

The assertion that the regional shopping mall is a dinosaur is just a nasty rumor, according to Transwestern. The real estate firm released a new report, Why Mall Reuse Is Just Beginning, that debunks the myth of the mall’s demise and shines a light on how these properties can find success through new incarnations.

Malls, and brick-and-mortar stores in general, really do have a future. “The assumptions that all purchases are moving online, all retailers are going bankrupt, and all Millennials reject the suburban mall and the lifestyle it represents are grossly exaggerated,” Brian Landes, author of the report and director of GIS/Location Intelligence for Transwestern, said in a prepared statement…

Don’t Count the Regional Mall Out: Transwestern


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