Diving Into The Unique Place That Is Banking Social Media


This summer, I took an oath to dive deep into the underbelly of Wall Street to find out what my fellow interns were doing. I wanted to capture the grammar mistakes in the emails, the messed-up coffee orders, the long nights with the analysts, and the short weekends hitting the town. I found one area where interns, and the youth of Wall Street, flock to vacate from hours of excel. Instagram. Not to look at pictures of friends from high school, or the girls they want to date, but can’t because of their convoluted relationship with EBITDA. Instead, they go to Instagram to look at niche Wall Street accounts that spread memes embodying the communal experience of young analysts, interns on Wall Street, and the entire financial services industry. These accounts laden with memes and images referring to excel errors, trips to Nantucket, and Patagonia vests, are growing rapidly. It started out as just a few accounts and has ballooned into dozens of accounts that post pictures much like this one:

Diving Into The Unique Place That Is Banking Social Media

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