CRE’s Runway Stretches On and On


DTZ Chief Economist Kevin Thorpe

WASHINGTON, DC—Unease about the US economy has been building for months. While it is always prudent to keep an eye on economic reports, the commercial real estate industry should also keep the following in mind 1) real gross domestic product (GDP) still managed to grow 2.7% year-over-year as of the first quarter and 2) that is a rate high enough to sustain commercial real estate demand drivers.

So DTZ concludes in its US Macro Forecast, which also predicts positive economic results for the second half of the year.

“It is always difficult to predict with any precision when an expansion will come to an end, but the latest data on confidence, jobs, debt ratios and capital flows shows there is little evidence to suggest the US expansion can’t on go for a lot longer,” says Kevin Thorpe, DTZ Chief Economist, Americas, in a prepared statement. “From a commercial real estate perspective, the odds are heavily in favor that expansion has a lot of runway left.”…

CRE’s Runway Stretches On and On

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