Cosenza on 1031s: ‘What Are the Feds Thinking?’


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Cosenza says that deferring taxes through 1031s boosts the economy.

AUSTIN—You can expect to hear a lot about the importance of 1031 like-kind exchanges when you arrive in Austin next month for CCIM THRIVE. Joe Cosenza, vice chairman of the Inland Real Estate Group, will be a featured speaker, so you can bet his passion for preserving the tax-deferral structure will come up.

We have spoken with Cosenza frequently on the topic, and he was no less outspoken when the issue came up again in the days leading up to CCIM THRIVE: Let’s take the issue step-by-step. Why is the current legislation trying to eliminate 1031s?

Joe Cosenza: The simple truth is that the federal government is looking for income in the way of taxes any way they can and the purpose is twofold: The government needs it, and they’re trying to afford lowering the tax on business…

Cosenza on 1031s: ‘What Are the Feds Thinking?’

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