Clinton Wants Higher Estate Tax, Closed Hedge-Fund ‘Loopholes’

  • Plan to go after multimillion-dollar IRAs, like Romney’s
  • Tax-the-rich proposals echo those from Obama, others

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton today called for increasing the estate tax and closing tax “loopholes” used by hedge funds and the wealthy, as her campaign touts ways she’d tax the rich.

Clinton wants to reduce the threshold at which estates are subject to tax — to $3.5 million for individuals or $7 million for married couples, down from $5.45 million and $10.9 million currently, according to a campaign news release. She’d also raise the estate-tax rate to 45 percent, from the current 40 percent. The changes would be a return to the way the tax operated in 2009. President Barack Obama and other Democrats have proposed similar adjustments…

Clinton Wants Higher Estate Tax, Closed Hedge-Fund ‘Loopholes’

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