Chinese Investment in US Real Estate Likely to Slow

China’s new set of restrictions on foreign investment is expected to impact U.S. real estate. Morris, Manning & Martin’s Samantha Ahuja weighs in on the extent of the effect and the alternatives for Chinese investors.
Following the Chinese government’s announced restrictions on outbound capital flow, the country’s investors have been finding it more difficult to purchase U.S. real estate. The effects are already showing, as total volume of Chinese foreign investment in the first six months of the year declined 46 percent to $48 billion, after total volume hit a record high of $101.4 billion in 2016, according to China’s Ministry of Commerce data. Aimed at strengthening China’s economy, the restrictions were formalized and updated in July, and they’re likely to significantly curb Chinese investment in U.S. real estate even further. Samantha Ahuja, partner at Morris, Manning & Martin LLP, discussed with CPE the updated regulations and what impact they could have on the U.S. real estate industry…

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