Case Real Estate Capital Staying Focused on Middle Market


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Sanford Herrick of Case Real Estate Capital

ROCHELLE PARK, NJ—In early 2016, the commercial real estate investment market will continue to experience greater liquidity, but deals may get more challenging to complete as a result of the unclear direction in this peaking cycle, according to Sandy Herrick, founder and managing principal of Case Real Estate Capital.

Rochelle Park-based Case is a high-yield private lender, a purchaser of sub- and non-performing debt, and an equity investor. Concentrating on deals in the $1.5 million to $30 million range, the firm says it will broaden its platform next year.

“Opportunities that take creativity and industry knowledge – and the ability to stomach uncertainty – are still out there,” says Herrick. “The influx of money in the investment market may be driving prices too high for the intrinsic values of given properties, and a subsequent fall-out is certainly a possibility. Market expertise and the stability of the lenders’ balance sheets are the keys to offsetting that.”…

Case Real Estate Capital Staying Focused on Middle Market

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