Businesses bregrudgingly accept credit-check ban


The sponsors of a City Council bill to forbid most credit checks on job applicants have been determined to keep their ban “the strongest in the country” in the face of employers attempts to weaken it. But business groups now say there are enough exemptions to satisfy their concerns about the bill, which is expected to pass Thursday.

The measure would preserve employers’ rights to run credit checks on candidates for top-level executive positions with fiduciary responsibilities, as well as potential employees who could have authority over assets or financial agreements worth $10,000 or more. Applicants for jobs involving law enforcement, computer security, national security or trade secrets would also remain subject to credit checks, as would prospective police officers and Department of Investigation employees. Employers required by state and federal law to perform credit checks would remain authorized by the city to do so…

Businesses bregrudgingly accept credit-check ban

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